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DiChrome 2 Game

DiChrome 2 is an addictive and innovative new indie title, pitting players
into combat within a painted world. Clash swords as the mighty
samurai or the fearsome ninja as you shape the battlefield with the
mystical powers of your paintbrush. Test your reflex and wit as you
adapt to a dynamic world of endless possibilities. DiChrome 2 Game

  • An innovative and dynamic platformer.
  • Restore your honor in Single player.
  • Excel with tight teamwork in Co-op.
  • Intense Multiplayer fun with 3 friends.
  • 10+ unique Gamemodes for 4 People.
  • Intuitive 4 Player Level Editor/Creator.


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DiChrome 2 Game
DiChrome 2 Game DiChrome 2 Game DiChrome 2 Game DiChrome 2 Game DiChrome 2 Game

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DiChrome 2 Game
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